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H2O. Leaders in Zero Liquid Discharge.

We develop viable and sustainable solutions to enable you to create a zero liquid discharge production, thus future generations can live in a clean and healthy environment.

Good advice is half the battle. No matter whether you want to install a new wastewater system or optimize your existing one. Thorough preparation forms the basis for a safe wastewater solution with which you will be satisfied in the long term.

To keep a close eye on your needs, we have created the Application Centre for Wastewater-Free Production. This interdisciplinary team is continuously working on the development of advanced solutions to improve the quality of treated industrial wastewater and make wastewater-free production possible for even more industries. Thanks to our consistent innovation philosophy, we have been able to present trend-setting technologies and register more than a dozen industrial property rights in recent years. With this experience and innovative strength, we will also find the right solution for you!

Looking for a new solution? Benefit from our expert knowledge

Inventory and wastewater analysis

In order to be able to offer you a custom-fit system, the first step is to determine the basics. The team of experts at our Application Centre for Wastewater-Free Production will carry out the assessment directly on your premises. Where does wastewater occur? Which streams should and can be treated? Where can wastewater be avoided completely? Which limit values, for example for organic contamination, must be met? After the wastewater has been sampled, it goes to the application technology laboratory for wastewater analysis. Here, the wastewater is tested for various pollutant loads. The most important wastewater parameters are analysed, such as:

  • pH value
  • settleable substances
  • evaporation residue
  • conductivity
  • chemical oxygen demand (COD)
  • fluorides
  • chlorides
  • Organic acids
  • Ammonium Nitrogen
  • Phosphate

Reliably complying with required limit values

New, strict limit values are often the reason for considering a new wastewater technology. There are different solutions for safely complying with limit values. Which is the right one for you? Our team will assist you with legal questions and recommend the right wastewater treatment for the limit value. We will be happy to support you in the preparation of all documents required under licensing law.

Can your water be reused or put to better use?

You know this yourself: You are an expert in your field and notice immediately if something is not running optimally. Our passion is wastewater solutions. With over 30 years of experience in wastewater management, we immediately recognize optimization opportunities in the area of process water. We have accompanied numerous customers worldwide on their way to wastewater-free production. Benefit from this expert knowledge!

The result of our consulting: A manual for the perfect wastewater solution

Our goal is your solution! Our wastewater balance sheet contains all the results of our comprehensive wastewater analysis: What possibilities are there for wastewater avoidance in your production? Which streams can be treated with which technology? What quality can you expect from the treated wastewater, what costs will you incur? And where can the treated water be reused?

With this guide at hand, you are guaranteed to choose the most reliable and safest solution. This may be our VACUDEST vacuum distillation system, but it doesn't have to be. Because we focus on solutions that fit your requirements. Not on the sale of systems. Our goal is your satisfaction. And that in the long term.

Your new requirements in view: Process optimization with H2O

We know that progress means a head start. Processes change. That's why our VACUDEST vacuum distillation system can also react flexibly to process changes. The VACUDEST Modular System is highly flexible and adaptable: Our VACUDEST is assembled from over 3.5 million variants. To optimize the entire system, only individual modules can be exchanged. This means that many adjustments can be made with little effort.

In process optimization, however, we do not only have the hardware in mind: an additional distillate post-treatment could, for example, allow reuse in the production process. The use of a different cleaner or defoamer can also achieve enormous improvements.

Custom-fit update for your VACUDEST

Our team of experts will be happy to work out for you which optimizations are the most suitable for you. In close cooperation with you, we will draw up a detailed catalogue of measures to adapt your VACUDEST wastewater system to your new processes. After this wastewater analysis, your process water treatment will quickly be state of the art again.

Your benefit from our wastewater consulting:

  • Guaranteed safe processes: Well-founded wastewater analyses form the secure basis for a reliable wastewater system that is perfectly tailored to your needs
  • Saves time and costs: Our experts from the application technology laboratory compare different wastewater solutions and recommend the one that suits you best
  • Increases efficiency: We take a holistic view of your process optimization - from water utilization, cleaner to new technologies. So that your wastewater management runs as efficiently as your production
  • Wastewater-free, for the sake of the environment: Our vision is a wastewater-free industry. We work towards this goal every day with innovative technologies and efficient wastewater systems. Benefit from our more than 30 years of experience and become wastewater-free too!


Find the best solution for your processes: Let our competent team from the application technology laboratory advise you now! We look forward to hearing from you.


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