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Using our VACUDEST wastewater evaporator you can separate clean water from your industrial wastewater.

A central component of the philosophy of the water experts at H2O is the development of customer-specific system solutions, because not all industrial wastewater is the same. Industrial wastewater can be contaminated with oil or heavy metals in addition to complex organic substances. It can be alkaline or acidic. Therefore, the variety of applications in different branches of industry requires individually adapted, flexible treatment systems. Hence we do not offer off-the-shelf systems.

Perfect planning: In partnership for optimum wastewater treatment

We attach great importance to cooperation in a spirit of partnership. In our consulting services, we pursue the goal of optimally integrating our industrial wastewater treatment into your production processes. To this end, we jointly analyse your processes and other requirements. In addition to the quantity and composition of your industrial wastewater, many other factors have an influence on an optimally designed treatment for your application. In the further course of the project we analyse your industrial wastewater in our application centre for wastewater free production. Here, our team of experts simulates the process in the laboratory and enables the best treatment solution for your industrial wastewater. Thanks to this experience and all the knowledge gained, the best industrial wastewater treatment for your specific requirements is developed. This leads to a solution with added value:

  • more cost efficiency
  • more process reliability
  • more environmental compatibility
  • more time to concentrate on your business

Your advantages with the VACUDEST wastewater treatment plant

With our plants you can benefit from the possibility of a safe and efficient wastewater treatment. In contrast to conventional processes, such as neutralisation plants, ultrafiltration or reverse osmosis, vacuum distillation offers you the possibility of a drastic reduction of your costs.

By operating our VACUDEST systems for the treatment of your individual wastewater, you can reduce your energy costs by up to 95%  and you can save about  98 % of your disposal costs. Thus benefitting your wallet and our environment.

If recycling cannot be realised efficiently in your production, our systems will help to obtain salt-free and heavy metal-free water with an optimum pH value. The produced distillate complies with  strict limit values  defined by the authorities and the permission to discharge the deionised water into the sewage system is no problem.

In this film you can see exactly how the VACUDEST principle works:


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