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Take the safe route when ordering spare parts for your VACUDEST vacuum distillation system. Thanks to our excellently organized spare parts warehouse, we are always able to react swiftly to your requests. If you order before 1 p.m. on workdays, your part(s) will be sent to you that same day.

Exact match and a functional warranty

The product file of your system allows us to find out precisely which parts are installed at your facility and enables us to deliver the matching spare parts with a functional warranty. This ensures that any repair activities are executed promptly and that your system continues to work reliably after that - all with the aim of reducing downtimes and maximizing your system's availability.

Unique replacement service increases system availability

In some cases, it may be more sensible and much more cost-effective to repair defective parts instead of replacing them. This is why we developed our unique replacement service for process-relevant system components. We send you a professionally repaired spare part, you install it and send the defective part back to us. After completing repairs, we only charge you the repair costs. This comfortable replacement process is uncomplicated, saves you a lot of time and reduces your overall maintenance cost.

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